WP 2:  Research
D2.1 Literature review and existing models report m12 report MAIL_D2.1
D2.2 Report on Collection of appropriate existing European/Global datasets m9 report MAIL_D2.2
D2.3 Report on Methodology development m24 MAIL_D2.3
D2.4 Report on Accuracy assessment m26 report MAIL_D2.4
D2.5 Report on Estimation of biomass volume at low productivity m/sm MLs m18 executive  summary MAIL_D2.5_Executive summary
D2.6 MLs classification in Carbon sequestration capacity groups m28 report
D2.7 Report on Augment precision m29 report
D2.8 Report on Web application for ML’s management m36 executive  summary
D2.9 Report on Webpage and virtual classroom m36 report
WP 3:  Training on Remote Sensing and state of the art practices
D3.1 Report Massive Online Open Course, and accompanying software system m36 report
D3.2 Seminar/workshop implementation proceedings, and report on scientific publication / participations m36 report
WP 4:  Pilot case studies
D4.1 Report of pilot case study 1 m32 executive  summary
D4.2 Report of pilot case study 2 m32 executive  summary
D4.3 Report of pilot case study 3 m30 executive  summary
D4.4 Report of pilot case study 4 m31 executive  summary
WP 5:  Technical and financial feasibility study
D5.1 Guide on success stories for RS techniques and open source data / applications m35 report
D5.2 Guide on the financial social and technical aspects of the sustainable development of MLs, and report on the potentialities of emerging stock exchange markets for carbon transactions and proposed policies m35 executive  summary
WP 6:  Dissemination and awareness
D6.1 Report on Info days, Newsletters and dissemination activities: events participation, proceedings of the final conferences m36 report