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Do you want to know what Marginal Lands (MLs) are?

Are you interested in applying the latest remote sensing techniques? 

In this MOOC, you will learn: (1) the definition of MLs; (2) a methodological proposal for the identification and classification of MLs; (3) a short review of forest biomass estimation with optical sensors, RADAR and LiDAR; (4) a proposal of carbon calculation; and (5) an introduction to the MLs management application created in GEE in the framework of the project.

During the course, we will give you some recommendations for manipulating large datasets, and we will teach you how to work with the Mail Geoportal application as a user. All this with the aim that you will be able to better understand the concept of MLs and will be able to analyze large MLs extensions in a fast way. 

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MaiL Conference

The MaiL project organized its Final Conference, hosted by the
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, on the 13th of December 2021. The
objective of the event is to address different topics which are linked
to the project activities and to disseminate its final results.

Conference agenda



1 Welcome introduction to MAIL project

3.1 Marginal land definition and existing datasets

3.2 Marginal land definition and existing datasets

4.1 Detection of marginal lands and accuracy assessment

4.2 Detection of marginal lands and accuracy assessment

5 Augmenting precision for marginal land definition

6 Existing models considering local aspects





7 Estimation of biomass volume at low productivity msm MLs

8.1 MLs classification in Carbon sequestration capacity groups

8.2 MLs classification in Carbon sequestration capacity groups

9.1 Web application for ML’s management

9.2 Web application for ML’s management

10 MAIL MOOC and virtual classroom





11 Use of open source platforms and free satellite data to map and monitor MLs

12 Quantification of carbon sequestration capacity in msm MLs

13 Estimation of carbon stock in forest products

14 Change detection and mapping in forest MLs

15 Financial social and technical aspects of the sustainable development of MLs

16 Potentialities of emerging stock exchange markets for carbon transactions and proposed policies

17 Success stories and Guidelines of ML management


MaiL Workshop


The MaiL Workshop “The potential of Marginal Lands as carbon sink in
Europe” brings together various communities interested in numerous
topics related to marginal lands, as identification, analysis,
management, carbon sequestration capacity, afforestation planning, etc.

Workshop agenda




The concept of marginal lands_HOMEOTECH_Papalampros 

Forest regulation and context_CESEFOR_Gallego

SEEMLA project approach_DUTH_Galatsidas

Emerging stock exchange C markets_AUTH_Touloudi

MAGIC project mapping_WUR_Elbersen

Identification and classification of marginal lands in Europe AUTH_Georgiadis

Map Portal_CBK PAN_Krupinski

Map Portal_CESEFOR_Bezares

Recordings part 1        Recordings part 2          Recordings part 3





Map Portal demo_CBK PAN_Krupinski



The Magic Project – Final Event

1st – 3rd of December 2021

The virtual event “Marginal lands for Growing Industrial Crops: Turning a burden into an opportunity” will present and discuss relevant findings of the Magic project.

The event will take place in cooperation with the Horizon 2020 projects Becool and and Bike

More information you can find here