Expected Impact

MAIL will contribute by offering:

  • methodology for mountainous semi mountainous Marginal Lands classification
  • feasibility of carbon dynamics (potential carbon pools).
  • Afforestation/reforestation proposed actions that could contribute to EU energy policy by indirectly securing RES energy production.
  • web application platform as a reference point for any activity affiliated with marginal land documentation
  • Provide training material to students, researchers or stakeholders by Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Indirect MAIL benefits:

  • Strengthen intersectoral networks through the creation of an R&I stakeholders dissemination network in the disciplines of Earth Observation and Forestry
  • Increase the contribution to the knowledge based economy and society through the active participation of Private sector and Academia to the development of methods that deal with Climate change and their dissemination through the project’s website
  • Promote Europe’s attractiveness as a leading destination for R&I by disseminating cutting edge technologies and methodologies for Marginal Land identification, and classification at low productivity forested and non-forested areas.
  • Provide the tools and methodologies for the creation of a stock exchange market for carbon transaction, initially in a regional level targeting to achieve penetration to European level.
  • Create new job and research opportunities by providing tools for the sustainable development of MLs, thus creating the need for their monitoring and entrance in a carbon transaction stock exchange market.